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Protos Crianza 2013

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Red color with garnet rim and purple flashes indicating youth. Complex nose, with soft notes of wood well assembled with fruit. Structured and full-bodied palate, with ripe tannins and fatty. Final long mouth predominance of toasted notes. Development and Aging.

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More info about Wine red wine Protos Crianza 2013 - buy wines ribera del duero

br & gt; The aging period is 12 months in American oak barrels and French, and another 12 in its own bottle. Protos philosophy at work is 'Quality above all'. For this reason, the whole process leading to the production of wine undergoes a thorough analysis. The vineyards are thoroughly controlled by technicians and experts throughout the growth cycle, resulting in a production of the highest quality. This also gives them detailed information about all the grapes used in our preparation before reaching our facilities. The harvest is manual to 100%. In recent years, half of the production is collected in boxes of 20 kilos, grapes expand on the leaderboards. This ensures that only completely healthy, whole grapes reach the fermentation tanks. Because of their great concern for quality and thanks to heavy investment, Protos has developed a unique R & D program that analyzes not only grapes but also works barrels purchased from different suppliers. MaridajeCarnes: Tripe Madrid or with chickpeas, meatloaf, carpaccio of beef or veal chops grilled beef, chops fried lamb, roast pork knuckle, roast lamb, veal escalope, roast suckling lamb, veal tongue in sauce, stewed sweetbreads, pig's ear sauce , oxtail ... Game: quail fried or in sauce, rabbit with garlic, roasted pheasant, hare with potatoes and rice, deer loin, stewed partridge ,. Cereal and pasta: Rice with partridge, chicken or rabbit, cannelloni, spaghetti bolognese, meat lasagna, macaroni with sausage, spaghetti bolognese. Cold cuts: boar's head, sausage, chorizo, foie gras, salami, prosciutto, ham, sausage, blood sausage. Eggs: in any of its varieties or tortilla. Legumes: White beans with sausage, Asturian bean stew, beans and chickpea stew. Shellfish: calamari, stewed river crayfish, snails, stuffed squid, garlic prawns and steamed mussels. Fish: Tuna with tomato, cod, tuna with tomato or onions, marmitako. Cheese: combines very well with any cured cheese: Soups: chickpea soup, garlic soup, Castilian soup, Madrid stew and cooked mountaineer. Vegetables: Stewed artichokes, broccoli with potatoes, courgettes, pumpkin, mushroom sauce, brussels sprouts with ham, potato salad, green beans with ham, vegetable stew and potatoes with cod. Grape Harvest and Protos has 100 hectares of vineyards and 500 hectares supplies belonging to its members, and more than 300 other growers in the area have become regular suppliers. Protos performs all of its vintage manually, and from the 2001 harvest, 50% of production is collected in boxes of 20 Kg that are downloaded on sorting tables to observe bunch by bunch and get only reach the fermentation tank whole grapes and completely healthy. also today, Protos has an R + D + i only, with the sole purpose of winning, if possible even in the quality of its wines. Bodegas Protos Protos, the Greek 'FIRST', is proud and privileged to have found maturity and rest in the largest and first of the wineries in the area, maintaining its reputation over time. In 1927 the bravery and attachment to the land of wine growers of the region, They managed to unite the best efforts to create the winery, the first of Ribera. A future project that besides having arrived intact to this day, grows and multiplies each year, and has taken his name to the top of the international scene. 30s represent his final international settlement. Especially following the Barcelona Universal Exhibition of 1929 would grant its red wines gold medal. The company grew rapidly and the first space problems began its expansion throughout the region were raised. building a wine aging in the heart of the mountain holding Peñafiel Castle starts. Such is his mark of quality and prestige in the 80s a wine recognized strip consideration takes its name, Ribera de Duero, to identify the Regulatory Council of Denomination of Origin to ensure the quality of local wines. In 1995 the aging cellar is expanded and strengthened in the international wine scene. The project has continued to grow with the acquisition in Anguix (Burgos) of a warehouse with a capacity for produce up to three million kilos of grapes, of which 1.5 million going through the selection table. This winery is equipped with the most advanced tecnoCrianza: 12 months in American oak barrels and French, and another 12 in its own bottle


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Red Wine
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Gold Medal for Protos in the City of Porto

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