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In the 1960s, José Pariente began to produce handmade white wines with a raw material of extraordinary quality: the verdejo grape from his vineyards in Rueda. He practised meticulous viticulture and believed in his land, in quality and in the pleasure of making wine. His desire, to make great white wines, is the aim of the current winery, which his daughter Victoria Pariente created in 1998.

The energy and passion of José Pariente (1924-1997) inspire their activity today. The winery's wines are a tribute that they renew every year, at each harvest.

Their vineyard is located in the Rueda Denomination of Origin, between the municipalities of Rueda and La Seca, in the province of Valladolid. The environment is a wide moorland at 750 metres above sea level, harsh and bright, beaten by the severe continental climate typical of the Castilian plateau.

In order to achieve a greater variety of soils and to provide complexity to the wines, the vineyards of José Pariente are spread over different areas of the denomination. The best estates are located on land that is poor in organic matter, with gravelly soil, a layer of pebbles that is very beneficial for the roots of the vine, and clay and limestone subsoil.

The first documents that mention wine production in our area date back to the 11th century. The impulse of the monastic orders and the proximity to important cities in medieval Castile favoured the cultivation of the vine. This development culminated from 1600, in the middle of the Spanish Golden Age, when the ?golden wines? of Rueda achieved great prestige.

Later, in the 18th century, the vineyard grew even larger and, in search of maximum quality, it occupied the areas closest to the River Duero, in what today is the centre of the Designation of Origin, formally created in 1980.

Innovation and respect, technology and passion for great white wines. In the winery, as in the vineyard, Victoria Pariente maintains the commitment of her father, José Pariente, to the pursuit of excellence.

Today the winery is in its third generation, in the person of Victoria and Ignacio Prieto's daughter, Martina Prieto Pariente.

Elegance, freshness and substantial complexity are the result of our work. A range made up of five white wines of marked expression and typicality. Five exponents that possess the temperament of their place of origin and at the same time reveal a unique way of understanding the land, the vineyard, the varieties they work with and the winemaking process.

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