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Conservas CODESA, is a family business of 3rd generation, leader and open to the present time, with a wide vision of the market equipped with excellent technology and a highly specialized team, which jealously preserves a craftsmanship of deep canning tradition with the "SAVOIR FAIRE" of its master cannery "JULIAN FERNÁNDEZ".

For more than 30 years, it has been producing 100% of its products in its facilities in the fishing village of Laredo, with fishing from the Cantabrian Sea, selecting the best raw materials and always maintaining the traditional and artisanal methods of production. The commitment to tradition has led them to reach a recognized prestige in the sector, which has led us in 2013 to be recognized by the "European wine and food associations (CEUCO)" awarding us the prize within the 14 distributed throughout Europe as the BEST EUROPEAN TRADITIONAL ARTISTIC PRODUCTURER in the XI Congress of European Wine and Food Associations held in Pécs.Hungary and receive in 2014 the highest award"3 STARS" in the ITQi developed in Brussels by more than 120 sommeliers and international chefs with"Michelin" stars.

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