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Cvne has been caring for its vineyards for over 125 years. Over 125 years of respect for the winemaking tradition, hard work, research, innovation in production processes, pursuit of the highest quality, experimentation, and recognition. Over 125 years is a very long time.
Since 1879, five generations of winemakers
Today, Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España is run by the fifth generation of the family of winemakers who founded the company in 1879.
Cune (CVNE - Company Vinicola Northern Spain) is the winery that gave rise to the company in 1879. And even today retains its original location: the wine district of Haro Station, in the Rioja wine Alta.La Haro, Cune, consists of a set of buildings and fretwork, mostly nineteenth century, arranged around a courtyard. Above them they pavilion processing, bottling and shipping of wine that are now preserved were built. In this cellar the Cune, Imperial, Real de Asua, Monopole and Corona wines are made.
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