Wood and wine

Wood and wine

After COVID, serious problems are occurring in the supply chain of raw materials. A clear example that many consumers have already noticed is the lack of chips for the automotive sector which is causing cars to be manufactured with older technologies or even stopping some production lines.

This supply chain problem, which some blame on the backlog of containers at destination because there were no product to return during the pandemic, is also affecting the supply of the wood that wineries need.

When we think of wood for wineries, the first thing that comes to mind is probably oak barrels for wine ageing, but many wineries also use wooden cases for their best wines and magnums. Some wineries are already reporting problems in obtaining both new barrels and wooden cases.

On top of this, transport costs are also soaring due to the rising cost of fuel and the lack of containers, which in turn has an impact on the price of barrels and will ultimately affect the price of wine as well.

All of this foreshadows a complicated Christmas campaign, so from AporVino we recommend stocking up on wine in good time to avoid supply and transport problems that may occur in the coming months.

Let's hope that all these problems are temporary and that we will soon return to normality.

In the meantime we will enjoy our wines. Cheers!
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