The importance of the Vinotheques

The importance of the Vinotheques

A wine cellar is the best option for the correct conservation of the wines since, thanks to the separations that they usually have, they allow each group of wines to be stored at the right temperature and in a constant way.

This constant temperature is achieved not only by cooling, as refrigerators do, but also by heating when necessary, being one of the important characteristics that differentiates quality wine libraries. Refrigerators, having only one temperature, are only suitable to store one type of wine or to use it as a cellar to store for many years.

It is also very important to maintain the correct humidity, a good wine cellar has to automatically keep the humidity at a level of around 65%.

Besides the temperature and humidity, a good wine cellar has to be free of vibrations that could damage the wine. As a bonus, the lack of vibrations also means that it is silent, which is important if it is going to be located in a room, for example.

Another factor to take into account is the wine cellar door, which should preferably be made of UV-resistant glass so that the wines do not suffer if they receive any direct or indirect sunshine. There are designs of wine libraries to adapt to any wine cellar, kitchen or room, from the wine libraries that can be integrated into the kitchen furniture, which are suitable for storing around 40 bottles, to the 180-bottle wine libraries. Nowadays good wine libraries come with LED lighting which not only makes them more attractive but also avoids generating heat inside the wine library as was the case with incandescent bulbs and to a lesser extent with fluorescent ones. It is also interesting that they are fitted with a lock to prevent any stranger from taking that great wine we are saving for a special occasion.

Some wine cellars that meet all these quality characteristics as well as being luxurious and designer are the BODEGA43 wine cellars that you can now purchase at Wine cellars with all-glass doors with stainless steel handles and UV-resistant glass that give the wine cellars a high-quality appearance. Ideal for both professional use in catering establishments and for storing wine in the kitchen for domestic use.

More information about BODEGA43 and the models in our Vinotheques section.
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