2016 WINE SPECTATOR TOP 100: Spanish wines

2016 WINE SPECTATOR TOP 100: Spanish wines

On December 5, 2016 at 18:58 we received from Wine Spectator the expected e-mail announcing the new list of Wine Spectator TOP 100, list that, for this influential American magazine, constitute the 100 Best wines in the world and where we find some Spanish wines.

Each year the Wine Spectator jury is based on four criteria to make their TOP 100: quality score, launch price, availability according to boxes produced or imported to the US, and "emotion" a variable that allocates The taster of the magazine.

This year 2016 the publishers review how many new regions, grapes and styles have appeared on the list since the Wine Spectator TOP 100 began to appear in 1988, but at the same time the classics are still strong.

In the TOP 100 of 1988 the only Spanish wine is not found until position 74, a Great Blood of Toro Reserva 1983 of Bodegas Torres, wine that disappeared from the list of 1989 where the first Spanish wine does not appear until the position 94 the Pesquera Crianza of 1986. The Spanish wines begin to take better positions in the TOP 100 of Wine Spectator of 1990 with an excellent position 21 for Vega Sicilia Unique Great Reserve 1979, followed by Vega Sicilia Valbuena 3 of 1985 in the position 67, in the Position 75 Pesquera Reserva 1986 and at position 90 Rioja Berberana Reserva 1985.

In 2009 the panorama changed completely when Numanthia Termes of 2005, a D.O. Toro gets second place and it was already in 2013 when for the first time a Spanish wine got the first place of Wine Spectator: Cune Imperial Gran Reserva 2004. In the list of last year, 2015, it was Aalto 2012 that got the best position among The Spaniards with a respectable sixth position followed by Abadía Retuerta 2011 in position 15.

In the publication of 2016 Wine Spectator has not included any Spanish wine in the TOP 10 but instead we find 9 Spanish wines within their TOP 100, these wines of 2016 with their positions:

12.- Abadía Retuerta 2012

18.- Condado de Haza 2012

22.- Cune Gran Reserva 2010

26.- San Román 2012

52.- La Monesa Crianza 2013

56.- Cepa 21 2011

65.- La Rioja 904 Gran Reserva 2007

75.- Godeval Cepas Vellas 2014

77.- La Gitana Oloroso Jerez Faraon

This shows the strength that Spanish wines continue to have in the world but also how excellent wines are produced every day, not only in traditional regions but also in many new ones. The competition is very high, no region can rest on its laurels and have to continue betting on research and care of the wine production process from start to finish: soil, water, grapevine, vintage, maceration, yeast, fermentation , Woods, aging ... a multitude of factors that influence the final quality and that make each wine unique.

This year 2016, the Wine Spectator TOP 100 has not been bad at all with the Spanish wines, but it could have been better, maybe the wineries have to improve more? Maybe the likes of Wine Spectator tasters are moving away from what Spanish wineries are looking for? Or will the taste of the US market be different from that of Spain or Europe? We do not know, trying to answer these questions will be to make only conjectures that we can never prove certain or not. What we have to do as a country is that the wineries continue the great effort they have been doing all these years to produce wine of the best quality in the world and that we continue to appreciate the great Spanish wines that we have and advertising them abroad every time That we have a chance

What is the best Spanish wine for you?

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