Keys to Succeeding at a Romantic Dinner

Keys to Succeeding at a Romantic Dinner

A romantic, intimate, quiet and exclusive evening at home. We give you keys for lighting, music, food and, of course, wine to help make your romantic dinner perfect.

The decoration

Choose the place you like most of your house, preferably next to a window and frame the area where you will sit to enjoy your romantic dinner. For example if you have a screen you can do with it that your living room will always become a new corner in more welcoming and different. It is important not to recharge the atmosphere with the decoration, often elegant touches, in reds, blacks and maybe some gold is enough. The flowers always give a great romantic touch, being the red rose the flower par excellence of the love and the passion. Spread a few petals on the tablecloth for the finishing touch. On the other hand, we recommend not to spend with the hearts can make the set lose the elegant touch and become a little cheesy.

Complete this table with a bottle of CAVA or Champagne in your ice bucket to keep it cool and you'll have a movie table!

The lighting

Without any doubt, we recommend the lighting with the candles, red or white that will give us that special atmosphere cozy, warm and romantic for our perfect dinner. Please do not put black candles!

You can place the candles in the center of the table with which you will have a light and magical light that will make the world around you disappear while enjoying the pleasure of the company of your partner and the delicacies on the table.

If the candlelight is not enough for you to dine comfortably, you can add some low light, warm color, never ceiling, or fluorescent and complement it with some kind of luminous garland. A good trick for a dim ambient light is to cover a lamp with a fine scarf, with the LED bulbs warm color and low consumption is no danger because they do not get hot.

The wine

Wine is associated with pleasure and there is nothing more pleasurable than enjoying a lovely romantic dinner with our partner. The wrong drink can cause a bad impression or be an obstacle to the perfect evening, so we will give you some tips to buy a good wine for your romantic date at home.

We can choose between white, red or pink wine, but for romantic evenings there is nothing like a good Champagne or CAVA.

I recommend you start with the great accompaniments with a Champagne like the famous Möet & Chandon Brut Impérial or a Pink Champagne (Taittinger Prestige Rose). Also a very good options are a pink CAVA (Juvé and Camps Brut Rosé) or also a white CAVA such as the Juvé and Camps Reserva de la Familia or the CAVA Extremadura Vía de la Plata Brut Nature Chardonnay. We can continue all dinner enjoying these excellent sparkling wines or reserve it very cold for the end.

The white wine always home with seafood and fish, are ideal white Albariño Rias Baixas as the Terras Gauda or also a Chardonnay (Enate Chardonnay 234) or a Sauvignon Blanc (Speak of You) for its aromas and soft and fruity flavors .

The red wines go well with all the meats but depending on this we can go to a red with little acidity and something fruity ideal for the chicken or the turkey as it would be a Chivite Finca de Villatuerta Syrah. For pork, lamb or venison we recommend a Cabernet Sauvignon as the Svmma Varietalis, in the case of the pig we can also go with a rose wine (Arzuaga Rosae) and finally if it is duck or goose nothing like a Petit Verdot as The Limestone 2012.

For dessert, we can continue with the Champagne or CAVA, preferably if the dessert is relatively acid and not excessively sweet as it would mask these excellent sparkling. In case of sweet desserts it is best to accompany them with sweet wines such as Don PX.


Choosing the music will depend mainly on your tastes but, normally, we recommend not to put hip hop, rap, heavy metal or very strident subjects. What never fails are the great classics like Police, Sade, Nina Simone or Elvis.

We can prepare a playlist with a selection of romantic music, or if you have "your song" you can surprise your partner by opening dinner with this one.

If we want a more exotic touch we can use sound tracks such as composer Hans Zimmer (Inception, Interstellar, Gladiator ...) that will take us to distant worlds, ideal if the dishes have a touch of new kitchen. For this type of music we recommend the CINEMIX internet station.


It is important to start the evening with a good foot, so the appetizers and entrees are very important, you have to give them the treat they deserve. A successful start is the prelude to a great dinner, so you have to work on the right selection and also your presentation. We recommend for example a Tartar of tomato and date with shrimp.

The appetizers and appetizers serve to whet our appetite while creams and soups contribute to satiate without over filling, then comes the main dish, so we must try to enjoy them without losing the desire to continue dining. Our proposal is for example a cream of leeks with crunchy ham.

For the starter of the romantic dinner, any of the three possible options are perfect: fish, seafood or meat. If we prefer the fish and seafood, we recommend for example a hake to the cava with prawns that you can accompany with a white foam as we discussed above.

If you choose meat, we recommend a pork sirloin baked with clams and prunes citronella, which would suit the Svmma Varietalis.

A romantic dinner deserves a special dessert. It is not necessary to complicate too much, because it is very easy to look without much effort, we recommend for example a curious but simple Strawberries fritas. This dessert is also ideal to accompany with Champagne or CAVA as it is not very sweet and has the touch of acidity of strawberries that combines very well with these sparkling wines.

We hope that these suggestions in decoration, lighting, music, recipes and wine will help make your romantic dinner at home a success. In addition we offer you a special discount for your dinner using the CODE OF DISCOUNT: CENAROMANTICA16

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