Sizes of wine and champagne bottles

Sizes of wine and champagne bottles

Surely you have seen huge bottles of wine and Champagne in restaurants and wine shops. Those that are in sight are usually decorative and are called "fictitious" because being exposed to light, changes in temperature and standing upright would quickly spoil its contents. It would be a shame to waste so much wine or Champange! Anyway, there are big size bottles that are not ficticious and that you can buy, being the Magnum the more easily accessible and the rest, normally, availble under request.

The standard bottle of wine contains 750 ml. and that is the size that we sell most at AporVino, followed by another well-known size by wine lovers, the Magnum which contains 1.5 liters of wine or Champagne. Magnum bottles are highly appreciated for celebrations, both for its presence and for offering a better aging in the bottle than the 750 ml bottle. This is because the greater volume of wine in the Magnum evolves better than in the smaller bottle. We should not forget that if for a celebration a bottle of 750 ml wine is normally recommended for every three people, with a Magnum we could service six people, which makes it an ideal size for many celebrations with friends and relatives, and you will be the "King of the party"!

It is no coincidence that I say "King of the party" as that's where the names of larger sizes bottles come, from the names of Kings mentioned in the Old Testament!

3 liter bottles, equivalent to 4 standard bottles. They are also called Double Magnum. Its name comes from the King Jeroboan, that after the death of King Solomon, directed a rebellion against Rehoboam with which managed to become King of the new independent kingdom of Israel.

Bottle of 4.5 liters, equivalent to 6 bottles (in Bordeaux this size is called Jeroboam, to make it more confusing ...). Rehoboam was the King of Judea after the death of his father, King Solomon.

Bottle of 6 liters (8 bottles), in Bordeaux this size is also called Imperiale. Here is an exception, really Methuselah was not a king, but rather the oldest man quoted in the Bible with 969 years.

9 liter bottle (12 bottles). Salmanazar was the King of Assyria, also known as Shalmaneser and mentioned in Kings 2, chapter 17.

12 liter bottle (16 bottles). In the Book of Daniel, King Belshazzar (or Baltasar) was the last King of Babylon.

15 liter bottle (20 bottles). It was the King of Babylon, before Baltasar, who conquered and exiled many Jews. He also built the famous "Hanging Gardens of Babylon".

Bottle of 18 liters (24 bottles). King Solomon of Israel was the son of King David and managed to reign over a vast territory for almost four decades, possibly between 965 and 928 BC

Bottle of 27 liters (36 bottles), also called Primat. Although in this case it is not a King, it still remains a biblical name, Goliath, the giant that David, the future King of Israel, won with a sling and his stone.

30 liter bottle (40 bottles) also called Melchizedek. Midas was King of Phrygia, due to his hospitality with Sileno, Dioniso granted him the power to turn in gold everything that he touched.

The largest bottle of wine produced by a winery is the Grand Cuvee TBA NV 7 2005 from the Kracher winery. It is a bottle of 480 liters, 630 kg in weight and 2.40 meters in height, equivalent to 640 bottles.

Would you like to hold a celebration with large bottles?
At AporVino you can buy Magnums bottles of wine or champagne. For larger sizes contact us and tell us what you are looking for.

How to buy Magnums wine bottles, or other formats, in AporVino?
It is very simple, when the wine tab is displayed, next to the price, the size of the selected bottle is indicated. By default the 750 ml size bottle will be selected, unless there is no stock remaining, in which case the next available size will be displayed. To change the size you just have to click on the one you want and it will automatically show the price and the corresponding photo. Now just click Buy and process the order: D

Don't miss below, in "Related Products", some of our wines and Champagnes in Magnum size!

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