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Since they started out more than 125 years ago, they have maintained the traditional production process, respecting century old salting and curing processes in natural drying sheds. Salt and patience have always been their only preservation secrets. The serenity of the process has been inherited from the past, an ancestral expertise that has been handed down from father to son for four generations of master ham makers.
Time and experience come together to gif our Montaraz Acorn-Fed Iberian Ham the flavour and aroma that make it an exquisite, pleasant delicacy, a masterpiece that opens the doors to a world of extraordinary, exclusive sensorial experiences.
Of enormous ecological value and a model of harmonious living between man and the land, the meadows are a natural ecosystem of holm oaks and cork oaks that is unique in the world.

A landscape that only Iberian pigs bred in the wild contemplate every day.


The Iberian pig is an excellent animal. Its purity is found in its untamed, wild character. However, and above all, it is differentiated the word over thanks to its long, fine legs.

A smooth, creamy texture which is the result of thousand of years of natural selection in a isolated setting.



Having attained its autumnal maturity, "La montanera" (or mountain phase) starts. During this final phase of growth, acorns take on great protagonism, a delicacy for the Iberian pig and the origin of its particular aroma and flavour.



The task in which sea salt is the only additive starts in semidarkness and in silence. There is no room for any other additive, because only salt is able to understand the art of natural preservation. White and crystalline, only its purity is able to accompany the flavour of Montaraz Acorn-Fed Iberian Ham.



A long, patient, supervised task starts with the hams maturing in natural drying sheds. The prime-quality Iberian ham gradually acquires its balanced properties. Although new wonders are announced every moment, more than 3 years of harmony are required to convert each ham into a masterpiece.



The moment of inspiration comes when you can appreciate all the nuances of Montaraz Iberian Ham. A ceremony in which trained smell and taste welcome the harmony between what is sweet and what is sweet and what is savoury.



Slice by slice, it melts in your mouth. Delicious, brilliant, juicy and aromatic, every slice of Montaraz is a delight for your palate. Purple-red. Streaks of nacre. Fine pieces that summarise the essence of "la dehesa" (the meadow).


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