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Gourmet del Monte is owned by the matador de toros pacense Israel Lancho. A distribution chain in which 80% of the products it sells are from Extremadura, including the wine line' El Pasmo'.

The three varieties of its wine brand' El Pasmo', an Extremadura wine made in Almendralejo (Badajoz) by Bodegas Oran whose name pays homage to the torero from Seville Juan Belmonte, nicknamed' El Pasmo de Triana'.
The oenologist Francisco García, commercial director of Bodegas Oran, a company that has opted for the autochthonous varieties perfectly acclimated to the area, whose clay soil together with the altitude of the estates allows us to produce singular wines that stand out for their freshness and for being fruity wines, as well as for their delicacy and elegance.
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