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On July 10th 1890 begins the story of Bodegas La Rioja Alta. That day, five Spanish families from Rioja and the Basque country, who shared their passion for wine, founded the 'Wine Society of La Rioja Alta'. So, a fascinating business adventure began, in which the founders have great hope in the production and aging of high quality wines from Rioja. A region of ancient winemaking tradition that was benefited at the end of the nineteenth century by the arrival of French winemakers and winery owners affected by the devastating phylloxera.

On July 10,1890, five Basque and Rioja-based vine growers created Sociedad Vinicola De La Rioja Alta in what is known as the Haro Station District. This was the beginning of a fascinating business venture in which the only dream of the five founders was to craft and age high quality wines.

The European spirit which is so popular today was present in La Rioja and in our winery from the very beginning. Mr Vigier, a French expert, was hired as technical manager and we were soon familiar with what is now known as classic production.

The company changed its name to LA RIOJA ALTA in 1891.

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